She’d spoken about him for weeks and frankly all the other girl wanted to do was to meet him. Let’s see who he is already! She thought about high school where girls would go on for days on end about boys they had crushes on and how they couldn’t wait to have them come up the hill to see them for nothing more than a conversation, a hand squeeze and maybe a hug or two all under the eagle eyes of teachers who thought no better of these girls. Why did these adults think so lowly of the girls anyway? Had they themselves been this unworthy of trust when they were growing up? Or it just had to do with this generation and how untamable they were? Back to the subject of the boy, yeah she really was curious to see him. Not that she was that thirsty or ‘boyco’ (boy conscious), it was just that when you kept hearing a name, all you wanted to do next after a while would naturally be to put a face to the name…….and well also to decide if the face matches your expectations…there, I said it ! Evil grin..

So she met him; AND when she did, she was with Ewurama who decided to pull her along. They had just stumbled out of Rahama, the best Ghanaian food place literally in all of Virginia where she’d bought a pack of spicy jollof with fried plantains for herself and a pack of boiling green soup and Tuo Zaafi for the glutton she called a sister. Now to the man’s place. They get there, get dilly dallied by concierge and then finally up to the apartment he called a home. Door’s open, someone is home, music playing, lights low, we look round, no one…so where is he though?!…Oh he’s in the bathroom…well okay, either way, today be today.

She takes in the space, it looks clean and kept. A single bookcase sits up against a wall in between two impressive windows that rise from the floor to the ceiling. The windows give an impression of actually being on a roof top with no barriers because the view below is both intimidating and beautiful. His apartment overlooks a busy mall and is very well situated meaning he probably pays a lot for this space. She goes through the books to get a sense of who this person is and quickly finds that these are books she loves. Well the fact that he has a bookcase full of books you like doesn’t mean anything. So relax.

Her sister and Mr. Steele seem quite fond of each other. Mr. Steele does his part of playing the role of a perfect gentleman. He seems well put together, appearance wise albeit not that drop dead gorgeous. He takes both ladies out for dinner and the evening ends with good conversation and the perfect feeling of time well spent with good company. All this awesomeness which is perfect but does not quite become that perfect since its not a fairy tale. Fast forward into the future, Mr. Steele tries to stir up trouble between sisters. All he has to do is tell Ewurama something mean about her sister, something mundane like oh your sister is jealous of you. Really? So  be careful…….People still say backward stuff like this in this century? Ewurama decides to reveal these details weeks and weeks later after Mr. Steele says this to her. Sister in turn decides to tell Ewurama about how Mr. Steele tried to touch her inappropriately. Shall we confront Mr. Steele? Ewurama wants to do that immediately yet sister feels rather amused by the shallow turn of events. Me jealous?! Wow that’s a first. Yet questions still hang…

Why would he even say that and why would she also be amused by the ‘shallow turn of events?’