Got a piercing and a thousand explanations just in case…

A good number of girls I know adorn their bodies with all kinds of jewelry that may be very obvious or understated. Face piercings have come and gone and are here again. There’s nothing new under the sun though, and I’m sure our parents and whoever before them did it, I mean, it had to haveContinue reading “Got a piercing and a thousand explanations just in case…”

The Facial Mask Life

I asked a few skin care guru friends about why they use face masks and their answers are summed up as follows ; “Um, it makes me feel fresh and keeps my skin healthy” “It makes my skin feel good” (what exactly does feel good mean Vanessa?!) “It makes my skin look bright” “To controlContinue reading “The Facial Mask Life”

Squeeze that Serum

I was brought up on Eversheen. For those of us who grew up in Ghana, Eversheen or Queen Elizabeth Cocoa butter was the staple beauty product that we splattered down our  faces and our whole bodies. I didn’t particularly have a need for a special beauty regimen since my skin was more or less lowContinue reading “Squeeze that Serum”