I was brought up on Eversheen. For those of us who grew up in Ghana, Eversheen or Queen Elizabeth Cocoa butter was the staple beauty product that we splattered down our  faces and our whole bodies. I didn’t particularly have a need for a special beauty regimen since my skin was more or less low maintenance…by low maintenance I mean the kind of skin that stays faithful and isn’t particularly problematic.

So I stayed basic with my ‘faithful’ skin until I had a life changing moment. Well before I digress though into the low key colorism situation that does exist in Ghana, let me just mention how lighter skin tones are more  ‘excused’ for whatever things society deems ‘flaws’ than darker skin tones. I was of course a product of the society so when I bumped into this lady who had lighter skin, I wasn’t as critical of her, after all, she had to be perfect since her skin was lighter.  We had a second encounter though, and it seemed her skin had a more velvety, luminous shade. I looked at her again, this time, more critically than my first cursory glance allowed me to, and this second time, she seemed brighter; her skin wasn’t dull in a worn out expected way, I mean this was 37 degrees Accra yet there was something about her skin that was all too good for me. There had to be something, so I asked.

Three years on, I’m still hooked on this liquid crack. Clarins double serum. I love light weight formulas that feel like they’re not there but are actually there working! This serum will leave your face feeling moisturized in a non-greasy way and has a very light and sweet fragrance that is not overwhelming.Image (1)

Most importantly, you will see that there’s a change in the look and feel of your skin. Your skin will appear plumper and you will look fresher in a way that’ll excite you! Happy trials and high five me if you’re feeling this product!