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I asked a few skin care guru friends about why they use face masks and their answers are summed up as follows ;

“Um, it makes me feel fresh and keeps my skin healthy”

“It makes my skin feel good” (what exactly does feel good mean Vanessa?!)

“It makes my skin look bright”

“To control the oil on my skin”

Well all these responses make sense, and resonate with one or two of the reasons why I personally use face masks…. Moving on, the main category of masks recurring on the market that I have observed fall in the grouping of Brightening masks, Collagen masks, Cleansing or detoxing masks, Firming/wrinkle elimination, Hydrating and mattifying masks. This post will tell you a bit about each kind of mask so your decision is informed and so you know exactly what you’re putting on your skin and what it will do for you. (The information I have sumarised here is gathered from research and months of hoeing. I’m a product freak 🙂 )

Brightening masks – these contain vitamin C that supports wound healing, contains antioxidants (antioxidants prevent or reduce the effect of reactive chemicals on the skin). Vitamin C has anti aging elements that can prevent photodamage (skin damage caused by ultra violet rays). To ensure you get the best out of your Vitamin C mask, I suggest to use this mask at night and allow your skin get into work mode while you sleep. I don’t know how smart it is to apply a mask and go into the sun right after, if you have to do this, you may use a sunscreen lotion to keep the benefits you just received from your mask intact, if not, this move feels like showering to go work out after…

Collagen masks – Think of collagen as the main structural protein found in skin. If you’re

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I generally stick with hydrating & cleansing masks

a meat lover and appreciate the difference between tender and firm meat, this analogy should help you; the only difference is that with your face, you want to make sure that you fall in the firm meat category. Collagen helps our skin keep its elasticity. If you opt for a collagen mask, you are essentially looking to vamp the elasticity of your skin and ensure it looks smooth and well taken care of.

Cleansing or detoxifying masks – These masks do what their names suggest. They would typically feature plant extracts like cucumber, aloe vera or honey. Aloe has cleansing and regenerating properties. It is best known for helping with the healing of cuts and scars. I like to think of cucumbers as all round useful gifts of nature, more like the palm tree. Cucumbers are 95% water so it makes sense  that they would feature in cleansing masks. Also check out this amazing article about doing a down there cleanse with cucumbers!

Firming/wrinkle elimination masks feature elements such as collagen, eggs,  and a bunch of natural stuff that have properties that firm the skin like tomatoes, avocado and our good old Aloe gel.

Hydrating masks add moisture to your skin. The real reason behind the famous stereotypical image representing wellness which features the lady with the mask and cucumber circles on her eyes is HYDRATION my dears! Cucumbers can form the base of vegetable juices and smoothies and will add moisture and suppleness to your skin on any day.

Mattifying masks feature elements such as charcoal. Outside charcoal having the best pH level for your skin, it has elements that control oil production. I would recommend a charcoal mask before you make up if your skin is very oily. I think i’ll probably put up another post about the extensive benefits of charcoal.

Finally my cousin swears by this clay mask …

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