That obsession with white

I dream of an all white living space where hopefully palm soup and wine spills can be perceived in advance and avoided even before they hit the floor!

Capture d_écran 2017-05-20 à 11.19.49 AM

Before the apartment dreams unfold though, I must say that white nail polish is the latest obsession in my life and I frankly do not know when I’ll get off it. White just gives that crisp feeling of freshness and purity. Some nail polishes become dirty overtime and my roommate knows more than well how to spot nail polish that has become dull overtime.

Image (6) Though white nail polish is not the easiest to keep color-wise, the choice of matte or glossy and how to keep it will make all the difference. Glossy nail polishes already have that shine and will look better and stay longer with a protective neutral top coat. When your matte white polish starts to dull up, you can simply use a drop of the same nail polish remover to clean the dirt on the surface. That will buy you enough time until your next polish or trip to the nail place.

Moving on, white outfits remain my best go to option, ummm, depending on the weather, occasion or place. Then again a white blazer is a staple that needs representation in every wardrobe… and a white dress too…

Author: efuarmstrong

While sitting through a speech by a professor in Kenyon College, they mentioned that the limitations of the human mind aren't necessarily burdens but gifts! I couldn't agree more! I love to process, reexamine information and I also find absolutely no restraints in admitting that I don't have the answers or that I am still thinking about something. That is the beauty of life, inquiry and a wandering mind.

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