Becoming MO and Thoughts on a Premature January Birthday

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‘Failure is a feeling long before it becomes an actual result’ – Michelle Obama

When I read Becoming Michelle Obama, I suddenly agreed with what she said about growing and its infinite nature. She said she thought it was stupid for adults to ask kids what they wanted to ‘become’ when they grew up; – a doctor? a lawyer? whatever else…as if growing up was finite and as if the growth process stopped at when we ‘arrived’ at a career choice, a life partner, a choice on a critical question, a purchase of a house, maybe.

As we know and would probably consider, life hardly allows us ‘arrive’ even after we achieve what we want….we still decide we want more by asking the essential question of what is next. This is a question I’ve asked myself on countless occasions. On the eve of three decades and one walking this earth…dramatic, I know…. I acknowledge that I have not ‘arrived’. I still have many questions that have not yet been answered. I still have to figure out truly what I want from professional offerings, choices and decisions. I need to figure out daily basic questions from dealings with people; – are they sincere, do they want the best for me, what can I offer them? I still want to or need to understand why I’m considering plan B when plan A has hardly ended.

Im still hopeful, thankful, fortunate, blessed and continually refreshed by the idea that growing up is not a destination but an eventful process of change, becoming and evolution. If this brings you any comfort, one of my favorite quotations ever by Zora Neale Hurston says that life just like a ship faraway at sea that is hardly visible is comparable to uncertain years or patches in our lives.

‘’There are years that ask questions and years that answer them’

Let this quotation constantly remind you that uncertainty and slow answers are okay. 

Published by Efua R. Armstrong

Efua is from Ghana and is interested in society and culture as well as conversations on gender and sexuality. While sitting through a speech by a professor at Kenyon College, I agreed with the idea that the limitations of the human mind aren't necessarily burdens but gifts! I couldn't agree more! I am curious and love to process and reexamine information. I also have absolutely no restraints in admitting that I don't have all the answers or that I am still thinking about something! Go ahead and leave me a message!

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