~Rien à Faire, A Part of the Covid Memoir~

Rien à faire // Nothing to do ‘Rien à faire’ This line is the first opening line of the French play En Attendant Godot, Waiting for Godot, whose basic premise is the endless wait for a character that never arrives. The title which is highlighted in gerund form further supports the idea of an endlessContinue reading “~Rien à Faire, A Part of the Covid Memoir~”

I Was Social Distancing Already. Corona Made it Harder.

I’d moved to a new city for work. I had Pennsylvania on my lips and mind months to graduation and so when I finally found work in the state after uncertain months in the Washington DC area, I knew manifesting and saying positive things into existence worked. I loved my new job. It came asContinue reading “I Was Social Distancing Already. Corona Made it Harder.”

An Insider Look at my Progress in Art Workshop

I am committing my time to a biweekly art workshop delivered by Kenneth Cobb . This post will document my progress and impressions over the weeks I will be attending the class. Day One Pencils We spoke about types of pencils and what lighter/bolder pencils to use, when and how. Generally H pencils are lighterContinue reading “An Insider Look at my Progress in Art Workshop”

Returning – ‘The Return’ in ‘Year of the Return’

When I picked up Yaa Gyasi’s Homegoing, a striking narrative of the Transatlantic Slave trade and its generational effects on one Gold Coast family and its journey from West Africa to America, I mulled over the title and wondered above all things why its title was placed in gerund form. After considering it for aContinue reading “Returning – ‘The Return’ in ‘Year of the Return’”

Highlighting Subtleties In – Marriage Story

This post contains spoilers. I enjoy lifestyle stories as much as I enjoy trending and unfolding news and so when I came across the Marriage Story on the Atlantic Blog, I quit scrolling. Just as simply as the title suggests, this story is about a marriage whose beautiful story has been captured by moving cinematography.Continue reading “Highlighting Subtleties In – Marriage Story”

Relationship Management Skills for Interacting with Adults and Kids

My resume so far is heavily dominated with research and instruction. It is going to be hard at this point to explain my interest or commitment to any employer offering me a chance in a field that did not necessarily relate closely or loosely with the areas I just mentioned. I’ve been through some personalContinue reading “Relationship Management Skills for Interacting with Adults and Kids”

Is Success Predetermined? ( Shoe Dog and Two Cases of Study )

I live on African news. On a certain evening in late October, I was having dinner and listening absent mindedly to the London based Nigerian reporter who hosts the BBC Africa podcast. I liked her pace, voice and near casual delivery. I threw down whatever crumbs of food I was eating and walked away fromContinue reading “Is Success Predetermined? ( Shoe Dog and Two Cases of Study )”

Shooting for Entertainment

In an earnest attempt to get to know my students; I asked one of them how their weekend was. This student is a shy individual who would avoid an instructor at all costs and speak only when spoken to. Knowing this, I went ahead to probe and get him talking about how his weekend went.Continue reading “Shooting for Entertainment”

Understanding the Proverbial ‘Bad Bitch’ Through The Black Lady Sketch Show

Out of a plethora of shows available on creative platforms, I choose Black shows because I seek to clearly understand the many complex issues plaguing the Black community and especially the Black woman. I came upon this show on Instagram. It was advertised as a coming soon on HBO and looked like it held soContinue reading “Understanding the Proverbial ‘Bad Bitch’ Through The Black Lady Sketch Show”

How the New ‘Aladdin’ stacks up against a century of Hollywood stereotyping.

This article is authored by Naomi Schalit and first appeared on the Conversation Blog. I reposted here because thematically, misrepresentation touches the African ( my area of interest ) as much as other minorities in their treatment under the Western lens as is portrayed by the author in this article. To read click here.