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The name of the podcast is drawn from the way a real life character,Cudjo Lewis or Kossula mentions the name Africa in Zora Neale Hurston’s post humous publication, Barracoon, the tale of the last African cargo to the United States.

The name, while endearing, screamed an urgent need to hold onto the pride of being African at a time where the world clings onto the thought that Africa is a country or that there’s such a country as Nambia in Africa.
Kossula’s mention of the Afficky soil reminds fiercely to stand proud and unwaveringly African.

On the Afficky Soil Project, my guests and I will bring you stories and conversations that reveal the African mind and heart beyond the stereotypes we hear everyday.

We are curious, love to engage, and love to connect with like minded individuals. Connect with me on efuarmstrong.com and on instagram, @theaffickypodcast.

The Afficky Podcast adds a little bit of NERD to everything.